Christmas at Disney - Genie's Got Some Presents for You

Hello everyone, as a student I want to take this challenge very seriously to develop new skills, knowledge and experience. I’m kind of new to 3d industry and id be happy to get some comments or suggestions. This is now the final work, i had a human character, but decided not to put her in for some reasons. Anyways there is still a lot of things to correct, but im already satisfied.

I continued my work and theres and almost finished the setting

Mountains were sculpted, textured and rendered as one file and the main setting as another scene and only combined in photoshop, to optimise the render time a bit and to be able to pose the mountains and change the color levels of the sky a bit. The idea of a scene came from frozen castle architecture, but changed a bit with colors to make it more christmas like. I will not add a human character i was working on , because of the retopology, rigging, skinning, posing problems, xgen and my yet poor knowledge in all of these spheres.

The character looks ugly, but i still have time to fix him

new update on characters