Basajaun - The Teacher or the Man of the Forest

I’m looking to join in with this challenge

Ever since I watched the Baztan trilogy I love the idea of a yeti/big foot/sasquatch who protects people in the forest and teaching humans how to herd and forge weapons I’m using this idea to look at doing the archetype of the teacher/man of the wood/man of the forest.

I’ve drawn a picture and am wanting to do an uber stylised version similar to the art of Johannes Helgeson (who I love)

I’ve drawn a basic idea except this has human hands in the end I wanna use koala hands cos they look real weird

Look how bloody weird that is

Much love


Just done the blockout so much more to do

much love

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Quicky update done a really rough cloth/equipment blockout


Made some changes to the head !

Thought of making his left arm a tree prosthetic with rocks, trying to keep away from metal only want to use it sparingly on the model, as I want the metal to be hexagonal pieces of metal

Done most of the body now

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Here’s some more updates been overthinking the design but am now getting back into it hopefully be done with the high poly this weekend

Had to do some more refinement on the tree arm but I think I’ve done a good job now to finish the face and then the hair then clothes and assets here’s hoping I finish


Hair is done slowly picking away

I have finished all the horns and hair now and the ornaments

Uploading: horns.jpg…

and I did a blockout/basic shin armour

clothing blockout all done now now to detail

some update got all the ropes and belts in and blocked out the staff

more clothing

last update before re-topo cutting it fine but hoping to finish