Bad Cinderella! (Update #3)

Hello everyone! :high_brightness:

I’m so late to the party, but still very thrilled to participate ^^

For this challenge I decided to pick Cinderella.

Cinderella was in fact always my least favourite Disney princess.
I could never understand, why she was so passive in her actions and decided to sit and wait for her Prince Charming, instead of taking her destiny in her own hands.

So she is the perfect candidate who desperately needs to be reimagined, at least in my opinion.

I once found this picture from talented russian artist Artemii Myasnikov and thought “hell yeah, go girl!” :smile:

The general mood of the whole idea:

So I gathered some inspirations.

I imagine Cind as some kind of a princess, who finally wakes up and makes her own decisions. Starting with comfortable shoes :smile:

For this project I actually plan to go through the whole character creation pipeline, from concept to animation, which can be a little bit tricky, considering the approaching deadline.

But otherwise it wouldn’t be a challenge, right? :sweat_smile:


Gogogo :fist: I love the general mood haha, keep up

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Thanks :smiley: I could never imagine that Cinderella would be able to motivate me to do things, little I knew haha

Yes she were my last choice too haha

Hello hello,

posting unfinished work is kinda hard, so I postponed it as far as I could (probably not my best idea after all :D).
But it’s time for an update I suppose.

So I started with the body of Cinderella. As I have to work quickly due to deadline I decided to use an old female mesh I made a year ago and remake it a little.

Unfortunately I noticed right away that the anatomy of the body was really bad (thank you, old me, good job! Should’ve started sooner with all these anatomy tutorials…). But the topology and polycount were actually ok, so I ended up pushing and pulling her poor body in Zbrush till I reached the final result… Well “final”… who am I lying to, it’s never truly final.

(the old alien and the new “reshaped” one)

(Now she is like 19,500 Tris but all the parts covered by the dress will be deleted anyway, so I don’t care much).

Second step was to create the dress.
The initial plan was to make everything in ZBrush because I don’t have a lot of experience in Marvelous Designer. But after I finished the blocking phase and started simulating, it became clear that I probably won’t be able to achieve the look I want without MD.

(searching for shapes in Zbrush and not finding any)

And Marvelous Designer turned out to be a lot of fun :smiley: (my poor computer might have different opinion).

I made her corset, skirt, boots and some other small parts in MD. All the “hard” parts such as armor, belt buckles etc. were done in Maya.

All objs I exported from MD were about 500.000 tris, so the next step was to reduce this mess and make some retopo.

(so I went from 500 Tsd to about 40 Tsd Tris for the whole set she’s wearing)

Next step is to make uvs and then do the first attempt in texturing. I still need to finish some bits and pieces in her armor like belts and some other assessoirs, but there are some bigger things I need to take care of first.

After texturing and if I still have some time I’ll rig and pose her. If I don’t have time, I’ll probably just pose her in Zbrush. We’ll see.
And of course I still have to make her some nice hair (her hair now is just a placeholder from an old project).
Omg, well, it’s quite a lot, I better go and continue working.


Finally finished modeling and texturing.

I still don’t like the look of her hair and need to do smth about it (or just call it “bad hair day”).

Final model and tris count. Smth about ~ 90.000 Tris.

Finished the rig and posed the girl. This rig is probably too much for only one pose, but I still want to animate her after this challenge is over.
I still have to do a lot of refinements and final renders, so the next 1.5 days will be interesting :smiley:

Yay, done!



Software used:

  • ZBrush: sculpting of the face and skin
  • Marvelous Designer: all the clothing
  • Maya: UVs, Rigging etc.
  • Substance Painter: baking and texturing
  • Marmoset: rendering

1st texture set (4K):

2nd texture set (4K):

Additional maps, I used to refine the skin. Though it was probably not necessary, I still wanted to test the workflow of realistic skin rendering in Marmoset.

I also used the 3rd texture set (1K) for the hair, because I needed an extra shader with anisotropic reflection. If it’s strictly against the rules, I can still make the girl bald ^^




Maybe an unnecessary step and a waste of time but I love to rig and skin characters to pose them so I couldn’t help doing it :smiley: I maybe will try and animate her one day…maybe.

Some additional close-up renders:

Hi ! Just saw your submission and wanted to say I really like how polished and nice it is, and you also rigged it too ! Pretty committed to the concept too.I learned a lot from you thanks!

Hey, thank you very much! :grin:

As promised:
Cinderella (Fairy Tales Reimagined Challenge) on Artstation, with turntable and Marmoset Viewer scene.

And I also wrote a little bit more about the project in the blog.