About the September - Sculptember category

Sculptember is upon us!
9 September 2019 - 30 September 2019
This challenge has ended

:skull: Tree Of Death
:classical_building: Greek Mythology
:rocket: Anti Gravity

Create 3D characters, props or environments related to the theme – winners will be announced on 2 October .


:1st_place_medal:1st Prize
Five Official FlippedNormals Products of your choice.

:2nd_place_medal:2nd Prize
Three Official FlippedNormals Products of your choice.

:3rd_place_medal:3rd Prize
One Official FlippedNormals Product of your choice.

The Prizes will have to be selected from This Page – and does not include bundles.


  • Title your thread β€˜ FlippedNormals Art Challenge – [THEME] – [PROJECT NAME] β€˜
  • You’ll HAVE to keep an active thread of your progress with at least 3 WIP along with your final submission.
  • Final delivery can be in whichever form you feel represents your work the best – and which can be viewed online.
  • When you’re ready to submit, simply tag your original post with the suggested tag β€˜complete’.


  • If you use a basemesh, it needs to be generic – nothing which looks like the final design.
  • The entry must be made specifically for this challenge.
  • You can only make one submission per challenge.
  • All entries are for single artists and the submission has to be done by yourself – no collaborations allowed.
  • We encourage you to post your progress on the FlippedNormals Discord.
  • Feel free to post your progress on social media and make sure to tag FlippedNormals and use the hashtag #fnartchallenge

Good luck to everyone!