[Warlock Challenge] – Ekim: Guardian of the Forest

Hi! Here is a progress picture of Ekim from Zbrush! For the Warlock Challenge!

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Some base passes at Color while in Zbrush. Still very early and not quite sure how I liked the colors with relation to everything else.

It’s kind of fun to see how individual pieces flow and interact with other forms. For example, this is just the head sculpt with everything else removed!

Had a tough time trying to figure out the forms on the torso. The overall design was starting to reach into the “Too busy” vibes, so I will likely scale it back in favor of the rest of the piece.

Some close ups of the back and Side Arm pieces. The side arm pieces was inspired by the lobster plant.

Working on retopology in Maya. It was a bit tricky because I was trying to think of what best ways to break up the forms for purposes of potential rigging later while simultaneously not having every piece be separate. I ended up going with the entire body being one combined mesh and the head, shoulder pads, feet, and hands being separate. It was tricky getting good topology to connect the neck to the breastplate, though.

Started playing around with different color ideas based off a veined Orchid patterning, but I don’t think things are hitting right just yet.

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After some epiphanies when it came to color, I found a new direction with the color palette that I like much more.

Some in progress shots of the textures in Substance Painter

Next stop: Unreal!

And Done! Thanks so much for watching along on this fun journey, and thank you to FlippedNormals for the fun challenge!